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A brave new world is emerging and we have confidence in our ability to maintain excellent healthcare with our telemedicine platform. 

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What is Telemedicine?

We’re here to help give supportive care to all of our new and existing patients from the comfort of their own home.

Telemedicine aka telehealth is an easy, convenient way to give patients medical service with a licensed doctor via the use of electronic software for video consultation or over the phone.  This allows doctors to provide healthcare from a distance for medical advice, education, and monitoring treatment programs in real time with their trusted medical advisor.

Benefits of Telemedicine

Why Telemedicine

As social distancing has impacted everyone’s life in some way, now is the perfect time to learn how to adapt to the new emerging reality. Healthcare is still the number one priority when it comes to life and being a whole person. Because of the epidemic, people need to speak with their doctors about medical concerns. The internet and social media platforms are filled with nonsense and propaganda. This is a very sensitive time and the ethics and morals of physicians take top priority as our oaths to first do no harm are alway at the top of the list.

Mental health and counseling are a valuable therapy during times of crisis, both internal and external circumstances. By raising awareness and mindfulness to our emotions and thoughts, we can deliver clarity and insight towards safe and effective strategies while adjusting to a new norm.

Telemedicine Services

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We deliver and maintain continued excellence in healthcare through digital means. This can be used for medical consultations, physical therapy, nutrition, and lifestyle medicine. Essentially, anything medical that does not require a physical, hands on exam or procedure can be done virtually from a patient’s desktop, laptop, or smartphone.

Patient history and discussion is key to tracking progress. Labs and imaging are reviewed with patients and recommendations can be given to target specific treatment goals.

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Medical Consultation

Speed up your recovery - virtual office visits are an efficient and effective way to review progress or discuss how to start taking steps towards achieving future health goals. Face to face with your doctor without the commute.

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Physical Therapy

Practice healing movement with your physical therapy doctor via video conferencing to reduce pain and the risk of future injury. Continuous progress and discussion is key to high-level healthcare that strengthens your body.

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What we eat is probably the single most important modifiable risk factor for health trajectory. Talking with your doctor about diet and nutrition is a main line of treatment for nearly everyone and will save you the guess work before reaching for unnecessary supplements.

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Lifestyle Medicine

Maintaining excellent health is not about what pill to swallow, it is about a change or two in lifestyle behaviors. Talking with your doctor about lifestyle choices will create awareness on how to empower you towards optimal wellness.

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Mental Health

During difficult times, having a trusted doctor to be a soundboard for how you are feeling mentally and emotionally is what truly makes our personalized holistic healthcare successful. You are not in this alone.

The Process

Becoming a Patient

When considering one of the many procedures we offer, a proper plan is essential to develop before coming into the office. This may include getting new blood work or imaging prior so while in the current state of lockdown, we have time to plan ahead. We always do this and never promise a quick fix- which is unfortunately the conventional trend. Healing takes time and patience. We are the experts that know how to do this well and improve outcomes with our approach.

Since we have and always will be a patient-centered medical practice, we never rush a patient through the revolving door like conventional standard of care. If prescription medicine is required, we can e-prescribe to the patient’s pharmacy of choice. For any other supplement recommendations, we can ship directly to your door as an added convenience.

There will always be things in life that come up from weather to work and family life – that’s what we are here for and we love to be a trusted resource to turn towards when times get tough.

New Patients

For new patient inquiries, we always begin the journey with a discovery session. A 15 minute visit to ensure the doctor and patient are a good fit and develop the trust and confidence moving forward. This will begin the process of on-boarding which include: past labs, medical records, completing new patient paperwork, and potentially ordering testing for review in the new patient visit. The new patient visit lasts for approximately 1 hour and gives both doctor and patient the opportunity to dive deep into the concerns and come to a treatment plan that is reasonable and prudent with the patient’s needs and goals in mind. Follow up visits are 30 minutes and are essential for tracking and discussing progress as well as any changes to an existing treatment plan.
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  • DISCLAIMER: To complete booking your first consultation with a doctor, a credit card and other sensitive information is needed which is stored securely encrypted through HIPPA enabled software. Your information is never given or sold to a third party. Nothing is charged to your card unless there is a “no show” to your visit. A reminder email and text will be sent ahead of time. Changes to any appointment must be made within 48 hours of the scheduled visit (virtual or in person).

Exisiting Patients

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