PRP Facial Rejuvenation

PRP Facial Rejuvenation Scottsdale (Platelet Rich Plasma)


PRP facial rejuvenation uses growth factors from your own blood platelets that are concentrated into a powerful serum to rejuvenate and restore healthy skin.  Micro-needling with PRP into the skin produces more collagen than with micro needling alone. It can also expedite the healing process.

Microneedling is a dermatological technique that is commonly used to address certain skin concerns. It can be used to manage wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, skin pigmentation, alopecia and even loose skin. When used with PRP, it enhances the benefits of both therapies.

Over 4-6 weeks, this treatment decreases fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and stretch marks. In short, PRP injection for facial rejuvenation improves the overall appearance of the skin and gives back a youthful glow.


What Is PRP?


PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. It is a purified and concentrated solution of platelets created from the patient’s blood. It is made by spinning whole blood in a centrifuge to separate the constituents. The plasma component goes through a second spin to separate and concentrate the platelets.

PRP therapy contains five to 10 times more growth factors than whole blood. It supercharges the healing process. PRP can also ‘wake up’ stem cells, boost tissue proliferation and support blood vessel formation.


What’s So Special About Blood Platelets? 


We know platelets can stop bleeding. But they can do so much more than that. They release growth factors when they are alerted to an injury. These small proteins stimulate healing. Growth factors can also aid in the repair of damaged skin and in maintaining its elasticity and firmness.

Platelets can also coordinate cells, like stem cells. PRP therapy can stimulate healing in areas where there is little to no blood flow. This is why it is also often used to manage issues involving joints and tendons.


PRP Treatment For Face – The Benefits


What is the PRP liquid facelift and its benefits?

  • It’s a natural filler choice for those who wish to avoid the knife. It is the next step in facial rejuvenation.
  • By injecting platelets below the skin into the deep fat pads and facial ligaments, PRP rejuvenates areas that appear hollow and sunken, such as under the eyes, temples, nasolabial folds, and deeper acne scars.
  • PRP for skin rejuvenation promotes collagen production. Collagen is a structural protein found in abundance in various parts of the body. As we age, our body produces less collagen, and this can lead to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • PRP microneedling prompts the natural wound-healing and skin rebuilding abilities. The turnover of cells helps rejuvenate the skin. It can also help in the treatment of facial scars caused by acne or surgery.
  • There is no significant downtime. You may need to follow through on an aftercare regime to avoid post-procedure complication. But there’s no need to allot several days or even weeks to recover, unlike surgery.
  • The effects of a PRP facelift are long-term. PRP therapy can last up to six months. Results will vary depending on the patient’s unique situation and medical history.

Our PRP microneedling before and after photos speak for themselves. Contact us now for a free consultation.


A numbing cream is applied to the skin making the procedure virtually painless. Afterward, the skin will be red like a sunburn for about a day or so followed by a light peeling. Staying out of the sun and using moisturizer is recommended.


Most aesthetic procedures work by creating small injuries to the skin either thermal, chemical, or mechanical. Since PRP speeds up and enhances healing, it makes perfect sense to add to other therapies such as our non-ablative fractional laser, IPL photofacial, chemical peel, and Exilis Ultra skin tightening. This creates a synergistic effect, giving you beautiful results.


By boosting healthy metabolism with aesthetic medical products and procedures, we help restore, rejuvenate, and proliferate new skin that is vigorous and radiant. Source of Health doctors always look for the root cause to help you achieve ultimate health and wellness.