Non-Surgical Skin Tightening


The buzz about fibroblasting is turning heads with the plasma pen skin tightening therapy. With results that surpass the competition, the official Plasma Pen by Louis Walsh International is the hottest new treatment in Scottsdale.

Most commonly known as “the non-surgical blepherectomy” (eyelid procedure), the Plasma Pen is able to deliver pinpoint accurate skin tightening up to the eyelashes.  Initial results can be seen immediately after the first treatment and considered a long-lasting correction.

Plasma Pen vs Surgery


Aside from plastic surgery, there is nothing else out there that can deliver these corrective results.  Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure of removing a portion of the upper or lower eyelid that has become loose, stitching the remainder back together.  There are pros and cons to this but the most important features of using the Plasma Pen over surgery are as follow:

  • no injections
  • no cutting, stitches, or scars
  • no bleeding or bruising concerns
  • no general anesthesia aka twilight
  • not nearly as expensive as surgery

How Does Fibroblasting Work?


A fibroblast is the type of cell in our body that produces collagen. Collagen stimulation is a highly sought out treatment for anti-aging as well as in orthopedics to produce structural stability.  The Plasma Pen creates a thermal effect on the surface of our skin which initiates a healing reaction to activate fibroblast.  Most of the time, this results in a light brown spot on the skin that will heal and flake off over the course of a week. 

During the next few weeks to come, the fibroblasting process creates new collagen and by the end of 3 months leaves the area treated thicker and tighter. Most patients will need only one treatment per area but there are some that will wish for one more no sooner than 3 months later. The results last over 3 years!


What Areas Can Plasma Pen Treat?


Plasma Pen can treat fine lines and wrinkles from head to toe. These are the most popular areas of fibroblasting:

  • upper and lower eyelids
  • crow’s feet
  • forehead lines
  • mouth/smile lines
  • ears and jawline
  • neck and décolleté
  • saggy arm skin and elbows
  • knees and thighs
  • backs of hands
  • abdomen and stretch mark scars
Plasma Pen Treatment

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Does Plasma Pen Have Downtime?

Yes, Plasma Pen fibroblasting is a fairly strong procedure that will have a downtime of about 5-7 days.  This is not something to do on a whim. Throughout our consultation process, you will have a better understanding of the risks and benefits. 

For that reason, each individual must be considered on a case by case basis. Once qualified, the Plasma Pen delivers skin tightening progressively over 12 weeks and last for over 3 years, which is considered a long-lasting effect.

As a pioneering Regenerative Aesthetics Physician in Scottsdale, Dr. Steven Sorr is a uniquely qualified and highly trained provider of Plasma Pen and other regenerative therapies.  Regenerative medicine is an exciting field of medicine that stimulates your body’s healing and repair mechanisms giving your cells and tissue a new lease on life. 

In addition, Dr. Sorr’s background in naturopathic and functional medicine helps to ensure the process of regeneration goes smoothly and increases the effectiveness by addressing our core cellular healing.

Plasma Pen Reviews

You will have a “stylish spotted eyeshadow” for the first week. Look on the bright side, you get to wear those  Jackie O sunglasses! ~ Dr. Sorr

The Plasma Pen Difference

Fibroblasting has many knock-offs out there so being extremely careful with what devices used are critical and come with some dangerous side effects.  Buyer beware!  Let’s talk about what Plasma is and how it is different from other types of devices.

Plasma is created by converting electrical energy into electrostatic energy.  Other devices are essentially cauterizing tools and used to stop bleeding or remove moles or skin tags. These are not plasma and should not be used whatsoever for fibroblasting.

The Plasma Pen by Louise Walsh International is an exclusive system that addresses the science of aging and skin tightening expertly to the client and combines proper aftercare to ensure a successful outcome.



The eye area, around the mouth, lips, chin area, jawline, décolleté, abdomen, back, arms, hands, legs, butt, knees, and ankles.


About 30-45 minutes per treatment area.


Skin tightening with Plasma Pen is typically achieved in one treatment. The regenerative therapy continues to work as the skin produces collagen over 3 months


Numerous Research investigations and published clinical studies validate safety, effectiveness, and consistent outcomes of treatment provided by a trained professional.