Dextrose Prolotherapy

Dextrose Prolotherapy Scottsdale

This effective therapy is NOT another cortisone (steroid) shot! Dextrose Prolotherapy Scottsdale happens at the leading regenerative medicine center in Arizona, the Source of Health. This therapy is a natural injection solution that triggers the body to heal damaged ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and more. If you suffer from chronic joint pain, recent injuries, ligament laxity or degenerative joint disease, dextrose prolotherapy can be a safe and effective solution.

Have you been through conventional pain management and not gotten significant relief? Prolotherapy or regenerative injection therapy could be your answer. The Prolotherapy success rate saves people from having surgery in some cases.

We offer a complimentary consultation with our doctors to see if you are a candidate for Prolotherapy. This has helped many people achieve real and lasting pain relief and avoid surgery.



  • Osteoarthritis
  • Degenerative joint disease
  • Tendonitis
  • Sports injuries
  • Sprains & ligament injuries
  • Ligament laxity, joint instability & hypermobility
  • Over-Manipulation Syndrome
  • Low back pain & sciatica
  • Hip Pain – arthritis, bursitis, labrum lesions
  • Knee pain – meniscal, ACL, MCL, LCL tears
  • Chondromalacia patella
  • Foot & ankle pain – plantar fasciitis, sprains, Morton’s neuroma
  • Neck pain – whiplash, headache, migraines
  • Shoulder pain – rotator cuff, glenoid labrum tears
  • Elbow pain – golfer’s & tennis elbow
  • Wrist pain – carpal tunnel, weak or sore wrists
  • Hand – thumb & finger pain
  • TMJ

Prolotherapy Scottsdale

How Does Dextrose Prolotherapy Work?


Over the course of several sessions, depending on the severity of the case and other related factors, patients are given small amounts of a natural solution known as a prolotherapy injection to the site of the painful or injured tendon, joint or ligament. This solution contains dextrose which is a natural form of glucose. This stimulates the regenerative process that will repair and restore the affected soft tissues.

Dextrose is water soluble and can be intravenously administered safely in different areas of the body. It is also a normal component of blood chemistry and it can be injected in a large quantity.

The dextrose solution works by dehydrating cells at the injection site, which will cause local tissue trauma. This will attract immune cells (granulocytes) and macrophages and stimulate the healing process.

Macrophages are specialized cells involved in the detection and destruction of bacteria. Macrophages can also initiate inflammation by releasing cytokines which activate other cells.



Dextrose Prolotherapy Effectiveness


One clinical trial has shown that dextrose prolotherapy injections helped decrease pain among knee osteoarthritis patients and provided better therapeutic effect compared to exercise and local anesthetic.

The American Osteopathic Association of Prolotherapy Regenerative Medicine (AOAPRM) also notes that studies show 85% to 95% of patients “experience improvement” with prolotherapy (compared to studies showing that 52% of patients noted improvement after back surgery). The success rate can vary depending on a number of factors unique to the patient’s situation.

Aside from relieving chronic pain, success with prolotherapy can also save people from having surgery.  When searching for the term prolotherapy Scottsdale on the internet, a Source of Health will be a main resource shown. Our reviews speak for themsleves and show how effective this therapy can be. We offer a complimentary consultation with our doctors to see if you are a candidate for prolotherapy.


Ozone is a form of oxygen (O3) that has been used medically for decades in Europe and the US. It is designed to help with pain management. Prolozone is an injection of ozone into and around joints with acute and chronic pain.

By initiating the release of growth factors that stimulate damaged ligaments, tendons, and joints to regenerate, Prolozone can dramatically reduce or even eliminate many cases of chronic pain through its action on pain receptors. Contact Source of Health today for your free consultation.