Regenerative Medicine Scottsdale

regenerative medicine

Regenerative medicine is the world’s most exciting field in healthcare.


Forget drugs and surgery for a moment and discover what your body can really do!  Scottsdale is a city of innovation and Dr. Sorr is one of the top leaders in the field of regenerative medicine.


How Does Regenerative Medicine Work?


Regenerative medicine doesn’t actually use medicine, instead, it harnesses the healing components of our innate immune and healing response. A paper cut, a scratch, a bump, and a bug bite are everyday common injuries to our skin, and they heal on their own.  Let’s just stop and applaud the body for this incredible ability.


When it comes to chronic pain conditions and chronic inflammatory diseases, there is a roadblock to healing. The body is clearly attempting to mount a healing response but cannot truly achieve completion.  Why is this and how can we help?


The most well-researched of all diseases is arthritis and tendonitis, common musculoskeletal conditions considered due to old age and wear and tear.  However, we have ground-breaking research on the exact mechanisms of both the disease process and the healing process.


Regenerative Medicine Therapy


It all comes down to the signals that are passed from one cell to another.  I know this can seem daunting, but let’s look at an analogy to help better understand:

Let’s build a bridge. It takes raw materials such as lumber, concrete, ropes, and bolts plus the machines and workers to put everything together.  But before we get to building the bridge, we need an architect’s plan and the foreman to organize and place the different subcontractors to do the work in the right order.  See where this is going?

We have cells (workers), hormones, exosomes, and growth factors (signals), and temporary scaffolding to begin the process of connecting one side to the other. Arthritis is a classic case of an inability to heal correctly or completely.  This is an exhaustive process of lack of blood flow which decreases the ability for the cells to get the signals to do the work.


Communication Is Key In Regenerative Treatment!


Regenerative medicine is known now as the missing link to our failing healthcare system.  Other tools such as physical therapy, massage, topical creams, and analgesics certainly help a little but not enough to make a full recovery.  This is where this more holistic approach kicks in far before you should consider surgery.

At Source of Health, we are a full-service regenerative medicine center that focuses on using a holistic approach to healing. Regenerative stem cell therapy is becoming more widely known as this mysterious and magical solution for just about everything, but this is not a panacea. 

Platelets are more understood for their role to stop bleeding. This is what a scab is composed of, however, platelets do far more then hemostasis. 

Prolotherapy was invented over 60 years ago as a tool for healing many musculoskeletal conditions. It’s a comprehensive approach to heal joint pain and instability was pivotal in the propulsion of advanced regenerative medicine options.