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Discover the Root Cause of Disease 

Functional Medicine integrates modern, evidence-based science and the traditional ancient wisdom of holistic health practices.  Functional medicine take a comprehensive naturopathic approach to healthcare instead of treating symptoms. 


Going beyond the “Standard of Care” model of health grants you access to live and feel better than “average.” A functional medicine practitioner gives you these important benefits:

1. Time With The Doctor – This is quality time to build a deep relationship with your doctor and get the education and tools needed to live a healthy life. New patients typically spend 60-90 minutes and follow up visits are 30 minutes. 

2. Personalized Medicine – Giving your body the exact tools needed means fewer prescription drugs and that reduces side effects or interactions.

3. Discover the Root Cause – Solving your health problems by seeing you as a whole person rather than a collection of symptoms or syndromes. An in-depth diagnostic approach delivers the precision and accuracy people truly are looking for in their doctor.

4. Trust & Confidence – knowing you have an experienced coach, mentor, and partner in your life saves an incredible amount of time and money on products and services that don’t get you better.

Genetics, lifestyle, diet, exercise and diagnostic labs all give us important clues needed to uncover deeper areas of dysfunction in the body. The Source of Health approach always starts with the basics, usually covered by insurance, but for things such as food allergies, micronutrients, heavy metals, and hormones may require additional testing.  Some insurance companies are covering portions of these tests.

Functional Medicine

Treating the Root Cause of symptoms is much smarter and effective than symptom relief. We truly understand how uncomfortable it is to not feel well.  We hope you can experience abundant health once more like so many of our other patients.

Dr. Steve Sorr and Dr. Anna Wolyn

Dr. Steven Sorr And Dr. Anna Wolyn Are Doctors Of Functional Medicine

They both seek to identify the root cause and get a person back to a healthy – mind, body, and soul.  Through innovations in diagnostic testing and evidence-based medicine research, true health and vibrant living are attainable.

Dr. Sorr has contributed to advancing the Naturopathic Medical Field teaching at Arizona State University and Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, bringing years of clinical experience along with decades of experience teaching alignment based Yoga.

Dr. Wolyn has decades of experience as a pediatrician seeing newborns to teenagers and has been celebrating the past decade as one of the first physicians in the country to use Functional Medicine in clinical practice.

Taking a collaborative approach to your health, we are dedicated to achieving your health goals for now and the many years to come.

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Before any treatment begins, understanding your history and getting accurate diagnostics are essential.  This gives you peace of mind and precision when determining the course of treatment.

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