Using Functional Medicine to Discover the Root Cause 

Leaky Gut? Brain Fog? Joint Pain? Inflammation?

Functional Medicine is the combination of modern science and ancient wisdom.  Often times, we feel symptoms or see signs of illness or the body breaking down and chalk it up to aging or genetics. While this old adage is popular, it may not actually be true for you.

Getting evaluated by a functional medicine practitioner gives you some important benefits:

1. More time with the doctor – 30-90 minutes at each visit.

2. Less medication – fewer prescription drugs means fewer side effects or interactions.

3. Solving your health problems vs masking the symptoms.

4. Trust – knowing you have a coach, mentor, and partner in your health prevents incredible amounts of time and wasted money on treatments and products at the health food store.

To that extent, diagnostic labs are sometimes needed to uncover deeper areas of dysfunction in the body. The Source of Health approach always starts with the basics, usually covered by your insurance, but for things such as food allergies, micronutrients, heavy metals, and hormones may require additional testing.  Some insurance companies are covering portions of these tests.

After your Free Consultation, we can determine if you pre-qualify.

Functional Medicine

Treating the Root Cause of symptoms is so much smarter and effective than symptom relief. We truly understand how uncomfortable it is to not feel well.  We hope you can experience abundant health once more like so many of our other patients.

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Before any treatment begins, understanding your history and getting accurate diagnostics are essential.  This gives you peace of mind and precision when determining the course of treatment.

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