Feel Better

Heal away pain without drugs or surgery
Suffering from joint pain? Ready for a better way to get pain free? We practice Regenerative Medicine, which uses the innate power of your own body to heal damaged, unstable joints and ligamentous laxity. To end the pain. Better than drugs or surgery and without the harsh side effects, it’s simply the healthy way to heal away pain. Get off the painkillers and anti-inflammatories once and for all. You’ve got a wonderful, active future to look forward to.


Cupping is a fast way to pull out tension from your body.  Aka Decompression Myofascial Release, this therapy improves circulation to areas of pain and is used as a diagnostic tool to identify stress on the connective tissue system.


Body Work is a quintessential piece of feeling better, especially when you are in pain.  Movement brings in blood flow- which in turn eliminates cellular waste and delivers nutrition to heal.

There are many types of massage and body work. Developing a relationship with your therapist allows for deeper healing to occur over time.