For millions of people who suffer with chronic pain on a daily basis, the conventional approach just doesn’t cut it and leaves people with side effects from drugs and failed or botched surgeries that lead to more surgeries.  I have seen countless patient who have “tried everything” and are in no better shape than when they started. In fact, they are worse because many of them have been in pain for decades.


Interventional pain management doctors can only drug you to ignore pain so much and surgeons are left with the only option to cut it out or fuse the bones so there’s no more movement.  These treatment options are outright archaic and, dare I say, idiotic.


What has proven to be an incredible success strategy is to treat the underlying cause of pain. Makes sense right?  Well all doctors are smart and have extensive training and degrees so why are they failing so miserably?  Plain and simple, they are not looking hard enough at the root cause.


Micro-tears to our connective tissue (ligaments, tendons, labrum, etc.) do not show up on any imaging studies like MRI or X-Ray so if it cannot be seen, then it doesn’t exist — this is reductionistic thinking.


To the educated and experienced physician, a micro-tear can lay dormant for years or progressively get worse with time until there is havoc on the body. The individual takes over the counter medication like ibuprofen for years thinking nothing major is going wrong.  In fact, most people chalk it up to old age.


This is not the case at all.  What we now know is that when a ligament, let’s say in the spine, has a micro-tear, it sets up a chain of events to protect itself from further damage and the body’s adaptive mechanisms begin.  Pain, muscle spasms, and weakness are symptoms that are telling the person that there is something wrong but we are trained to think that is what to treat.  WRONG!


These micro-tears are where targeted therapy outshines all other methods.  Prolotherapy aka Regenerative Injection Therapy is the process of tricking the body to initiate the healing response on these areas on pain.  The skilled physician can help these areas to heal typically in 3-6 visits using safe, natural solutions.


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