Knee Pain is one of top reasons patients visit Source of Health.  Common questions include: Is surgery necessary for a torn meniscus?  Can a meniscus heal on its own?  Can you live with a torn meniscus?


What most surgeons recommend is to scope a knee and “clean it up” meaning to remove tissue.  Your meniscus is composed of fibrocartilage and acts as a “shock absorber” for impact in the knee.  Pain typically feels like the knee catches on something or has a painful click to it.  A torn meniscus often presents with osteoarthritis, tendon pain (tendonitis), and/or ligament laxity.


Usually people who are sports-minded or around middle age seek medical attention for knee pain.  Upon exam and MRI findings, a torn meniscus is common.  Conventional treatment is directed at fixing or removing the tear.  The short fall of this approach is that the surrounding structures are rarely supported and by removing tissue, the joint becomes more unstable and the chances of needing a knee replacement in the future go up!


At Source of Health, we aim to focus our treatments on 3 main parameters:

    1. Increased joint stability
    2. Decreased pain
    3. Regenerate lost tissue


With therapies such as stem cells, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, and Prolotherapy, we have seen significant improvement in all 3 parameters.  There is a vast amount of peer-review research studies verifying the long-term safety and effectiveness of regenerative injection therapies.


Recently an article in the NY Times, Why ‘Useless’ Surgery Is Still Popular, reports on the poor outcomes of surgery and how even the placebo effect is comparable to going under the knife.


In conclusion, knee pain from a torn meniscus is not a sentence for surgery.  There are other options like regenerative medicine that you should certainly seek out first before going under the knife.  We are passionate about helping patients look and feel their best, naturally.


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To Your Health, 


Dr. Steven Sorr
Medical Director, Source of Health