Cupping therapy is an ancient Chinese Medicine treatment to relieve pain, inflammation and many other conditions. As many of you have seen at the Rio Summer Olympics, swimmers such as Michael Phelps have had these purple to pink circles all over their body.  To see the full article, CLICK HERE


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, pain is a blockage of Qi and/or blood flow.  By using cupping therapy, the channels or meridians can be opened up.  From a physiology standpoint, the suction created pulls blood supply to treat painful areas such as trigger points, muscle tears and injured joints.


The treatment is very safe and comfortable.  Once the cups are applied, you can expect to have them on the area anywhere from 5-15 minutes.  Acupuncture is also a great add-on service to help for a 30 minute treatment. One treatment may be enough to treat something new and minor while weekly visits may be required for more chronic conditions.


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Dr. Steven Sorr
Medical Director