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Regenerative Medicine And Functional Medicine Used In Harmony

How We Are Making A Difference In Healthcare? 

Source of Health was founded on innovative, evidence-based approaches to health using treatments to stimulate natural healing such as stem cell exosomes and PRP (platelet rich plasma).

We take pride in customizing treatment plans to help each individual with their health concerns. We treat many orthopedic conditions such as arthritis and chronic joint pain; hormone imbalances like thyroid, adrenals, testosterone and estrogen level as well as anti-aging and aesthetic rejuvenation. Our key to success is spending time and listening to each patient – No 5 minute visits here!

Functional medicine is the foundation for optimized results. We ensure every person leaves with  better answers to their health problems and deliver solutions that work. The functional medicine difference focuses on treatments that help our body systems and cells achieve peak functioning using naturopathic, holistic and alternative treatments and therapies. 

Regenerative Medicine delivers potent growth factors and signals, non-surgically to stimulate your body’s own healing mechanisms. You truly can feel your best, naturally without drugs or surgery! 

We are so grateful for all of the incredible patient reviews and testimonials received.  To read them or to leave your own personal experience with us at Source of Health, please click the “leave a review: button below.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine treatments and therapies work on the underlying root cause of disease. 

Our highly trained physicians use advanced diagnostic services and testing, physician grade supplements and prescriptions when needed to achieve tangible results in the most non-invasive ways possible. We also offer the convenience of telemedicine, so you can follow up with your doctor wherever you are.

Nothing provides validity like the testimonials of our patients and we have many 5 Star reviews on Google to show this.

What to Expect During Your First Visit?

During your consultation, we’ll listen to your concerns and make sure we are a great fit to help you. We’ll review any recent imaging, labs or other pertinent information. But most importantly, we’ll listen.

Your symptoms and concerns are real and deserve our full attention. That’s why our physicians take the time to hear you out. Only then do we develop a treatment plan customized specifically to your needs and goals, as well as a timeline to set realistic expectations for reaching them.

Advanced Diagnostic Services

Treating The Root Causes Of Disease

Why simply treat symptoms when we can address the underlying causes of disease? By using various advanced types of diagnostic tests, asking the right questions, and listening to you, our doctors get to the root causes.

This saves you not only time, but money spent on treatments that don’t truly solve your problems. All while giving you back the sense of wellness that makes all the difference in life.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Scottsdale

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy helps people achieve homeostasis. When we are under stress as we age hormone levels fluctuate leaving us either above or below optimal levels.

Not being at optimal levels may lead to the following symptoms; stress, fatigue, low mood, anxiety, depression, frequent colds, and decreased libido. We help identify the root cause of what you’re suffering from and use a hormone therapy approach based on your needs.

IV Infusion Therapy

IV Infusion Therapy

IV nutritional therapy is fantastic when used as a preventative and helps the body heal while providing a boost where it’s needed. IVs are able to bypass the gut and as a result, all of the nutrients are delivered directly to where they are needed most.

See the benefits of IV Nutritional Therapy

Dextrose Prolotherapy

Dextrose Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy is an injection of a natural solution that boosts the ability to heal damaged tendons, cartilage, ligaments and much more. Prolotherapy is not a cortisone shot (steroid)!

People suffering from degenerative joint disease, chronic joint pain, ligament laxity or recent injuries, can benefit greatly from prolotherapy as it is a safe and effective therapy. If you have gone through pain management conventionally without any improvement whatsoever, which is common, dextrose prolotherapy may be your solution.

PRP Injections

PRP Injections

PRP injections or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy does not require surgery and is a regenerative injection for chronic musculoskeletal pain. The injection is a concentration of growth factors found in your own blood platelets.

PRP therapy has been utilized successfully in orthopedics and sports medicine.  It helps heal soft tissue injuries to muscles, tendons, joints, and ligaments. Top athletes and weekend warriors have experienced amazing results with PRP and gotten back in the game with shorter recovery time.

Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Exosome

If you are suffering from chronic joint pain, degenerative changes are typically found. We generally see meniscal tears, ligamentous laxity, and cartilage loss.

Our treatment signals damaged tendons, ligaments, meniscus, and cartilage to heal. Local stem cells can become diminished. Having only one treatment has been shown to create a tremendous difference.

When we add PRP with MSC exosomes therapy, this creates the most powerful healing option to date. 

Become a HEALTHSTAR Member

Membership Plans at Source of Health

We want to support you in pursuing your health on an on-going basis. That’s when you get the real results. Since maintenance is key to keeping ourselves in good shape, we take great pride in providing high-quality services for you so that you can feel better and function at your best. Our membership plans  help make that happen by rewarding you for following up and following through. 

Discounts on both visits and supplements make consistency pay off. All while giving you access to physicians committed to improving performance, healing the body, and year-round wellness.

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Functional Medicine and Regenerative Medicine
Dr. Steven Sorr

Dr. Steven Sorr

Medical Director

Thank you so much for visiting Source of Health. We are committed to achieving a higher standard of care by providing safe and effective treatments utilizing functional and regenerative medicine so that our community can forgo the reliance on drugs or surgery and live to experience abundant health and wellness.

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